Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Follow Larry McClendon at NIA with Top Product Offerings and Top Commissions

Do you have a very confused, upset and/or premium sticker shock with your client base?  We all do...learn how to overcome this issue with health plan options. Larry McClendon, NIA CEO, has worked in the Dallas insurance industry for 20+ years to find solutions to this major issue! TV and radio advertisements are decieving on premiums and coverage type, we all know that. Never in history has the need for an experienced agent been in such high demand in the Dallas insurance market. 

Few can afford the Obama prices, so be year round indemnity health ready.  We will launch an all new product offering from a 121 year old health carrier next week! Americans need your advice and expertise during this health care crisis.  Private insurance is still the most affordable and most popular way for Americans to be secure in their health!  Work with the leader, National Insurance Agency, with two decades of success and experience.

We Advance commission daily on all product lines.  A couple thousand dollars a day keeps the blues and bills away!  Visit for solutions today.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10 reasons why NIA agents are successful

Larry Mcclendon has lead National Insurance Agency in Dallas for the past two decades through market experience.  Here are 10 reasons why NIA agents are the most successful in the industry:

  1. No business or membership fees, we provide actual training with no cost.
  2. Lead credits on sales made
  3. Plug and play with the custom lead system to get tele-marketed leads immediately
  4. No expensive upfront mail drops
  5. Direct leads managed in-house plus bonus leads for high output agents
  6. Dozens of top-rated carriers for our agents only!
  7. Promotions you can understand and achieve
  8. No company base shop competing in YOUR markets
  9. ZERO override lead cost on your agents
  10. We encourage a balanced life--our agent success comes from our agent happiness!

Friday, March 7, 2014

10 Reasons why NIA Insurance Agents are Happy

  1. Our agents enjoy hiring agents again
  2. Sleep better knowing the business is actually YOURS
  3. World class incentive trips with people you like
  4. We vale our employee's opinions, and we have an advisory board to prove it!
  5. We don't have meetings or calls... just to have meetings or calls
  6. You actually KEEP the money you cool is that!
  7. No head games or psychobabble
  8. The owners such as Larry McClendon at NIA were top producers and builders of YOUR industry
  9. We treat our agents like partners rather than customers
  10. We encourage a balanced's in our purpose!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Create the Need!

If you do not create the need for your products, you will sell nothing.  Learn how to sell and what to sell for your maximum income.  Larry McClendon is always here for NIA agents to help with health, dental, accident, and vision insurance sales.  National Insurance Agency pushes for excellence in all our agents through sales, income, and renewals. 

If you are not succeeding as an agent in this industry, it is your fault alone!  NIA provides so many tools for agents to make the sales and commissions they want.  We have maximum web site tools with innovated features, all created for your use!  All sites replicate to use as your own, courtesy of NIA and Larry McClendon.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Larry McClendon Talks About the NIA Experience

Let's take some time to talk about the NIA experience.  Larry McClendon founded National Insurance Agency in Dallas with the dream of providing the highest quality work environment for insurance agents.  Now, two decades later, his dream is a reality.

Larry McClendon has built NIA into a company with long term experience and navigation in a tough economy.  It is financially stable and it is consistently reinvesting in agents.  Agents are the life blood of NIA, and Larry McClendon has structured the company to maximize agent benefits.  Through Assurant Health Access, Daily Advanced Commissions, and online agent tools, NIA has become the most successful agency in Dallas.

"At NIA, we have always believed in our business model.  It has been copied by many in the industry," NIA CEO Larry McClendon says, "They say imitation is the best form of flattery-however, NIA has always strived to be a leader/innovator and not a follower." 

Since 1996, NIA has advanced applications on submit.  Larry McClendon took the idea, created parameters and refined NIA into a well-oiled, well-run machine-automated from EFT's and renewals.  We developed daily payroll by EFT, we developed text messaging EFT notifications, or text to consumers that their policy was approved and then let the text or email ask for 6 referrals.  All of these tools work to put NIA agents ahead of the competition.

"Training is the key to the equation,"  Larry says about NIA, "We set ourselves apart with live product training every week and live online sales training twice a week."  We provide agents with a trustworthy home to rely on, and they provide us with consistent production and loyalty.  This loyalty goes both ways, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Industry Feed Released for NIA Agents

 Larry McClendon and crew has released a brand new industry feed for our NIA agents!  This is a time of big change in the insurance industry, and we want our agents to continue to stay at the top of the game.  This means providing you with consistent updates and the latest methods to keep you ahead of the competition.  Private insurance will continue to be the most successful and lucrative sector of the insurance game, and NIA, backed by CEO Larry McClendon, will continue to be the most successful insurance agency in Dallas.

National Insurance Agency is not only the largest IMO in Dallas, it's one of the largest IMO's in the nation! We are operating in over 43 states so our contracts are higher, our contracts with the carriers are stronger, and our relationships with our agents are close and rewarding. This is because National Insurance Agency is privately owned and operated by Larry McClendon and McClendon Investments, Inc, so you know who you're dealing with at NIA. 

We work to give our agents the best resources to succeed.  This is why we are so proud to announce this additional industry news feed to keep you at the top of your game.  So check out to see the latest news that NIA and Larry McClendon bring to you.